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I offer one on one and group sessions. It is my mission to bring more presence to your life. To allow you to get in touch with your intuition and to live in a flow state. To set heart centred goals that you can achieve with ease, flow and grace. I am passionate about women being able to own their worth, tune into their heart and live a purposeful life.

I studied my meditation teacher training at Byron Yoga Centre. I am a Certified Beautiful You Life Coach. I have a heart centred approach when it comes to my business and life. I have run several group workshops across Sydney teaching meditation and mindfulness.

I have coached and ran workshops on being more mindful with money and creating a better relationship with it, owning your worth, and tuning into your creativity. Being an accountant, and from my own self education on personal finance, money mindset and personal development I have cultivated a harmonious relationship with money.

I spent over a decade working as a Finance Manager and CPA and have facilitated large events and also worked with clients one on one. I have spoken at corporate conferences and also chaired them for CPA. I have won awards for leadership and have been featured in several magazines and podcasts.

Being able to help bring presence to your life is my mission. To help you feel connected and at peace with where you are at. To feel connected to your purpose in life and find peace. Meditation and mindfulness have changed my life and that is why I am so passionate about sharing their magic with you. Since becoming a mother again to my beautiful daughter Lucy it has reminded me even more why I am so in love with this work. Lucy teaches me everyday how important it is to be present.

Kind Words from some of my previous clients

The biggest thing for me was accountability but also your wisdom, your support, kindness, care, and the tools you shared with me. I also deeply appreciated your holistic approach – i.e. not just numbers on a page but mindset, beliefs, digging into the stuff underneath it all.

I really love and appreciate the way you coach because it meant I finished our series with lots of practical ways to continue the work myself and also that in our time together I’d been able to both make some changes and some progress. I really appreciate and respect that you always made me feel safe to share, no matter how scary it might have felt in the moment. Sarah Jensen –

When I started working with Jodie, I was on a career break living on my savings and the family’s single income. I found myself operating from a place of lack and worry because I’m not contributing financially. As a career woman who has been financially independent, I felt miserable.

Jodie provided a safe space for me to discuss about my financial situation, I felt really supported because money is such a sensitive issue. Jodie helped me to set inspiring goals, shift and refocus my mindset from a place of lack to abundance. I feel more in control of my finances. I learned to face my money fears, letting go of guilt and not allowing money to control me.

Working with Jodie has been uplifting and inspiring, she was there in every step of our time together and I did not realise how much I’ve done and achieved by the end of our series, it was definitely not something I could have done on my own! Melissa Leong –

Let’s work together.

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